Hey, I'm Andraya!

I work with people who have big, compassionate hearts, but find themselves “going through the motions” day after day (...after day).

I help people uncover how they would actually like to experience their lives, so they can live intentionally, according to their own measures of success and happiness.


Hello there, beautiful soul. I see you.

You’re thinking (and have been thinking for a long time), “I can’t do this anymore." In that same breath, though, you’re also thinking, “But...but I have to. If I don’t, who will?”

You are exhausted and overwhelmed by the looming presence of perfection and being "enough." You bury yourself so deeply in the needs of everyone around you that you’ve lost track of what YOU need, what feels good to you.

And that’s if you’re choosing to feel anything at all! Because if I had to guess, numbing your feelings is probably something you may be a pro at by now.

Day after day of taking the next "right" step has turned into months and years of a rat race that has taken over your life - a race that you never wanted to sign up for in the first place.

Maybe a life where the days are busy, demanding, and feel more like an endless blur than anything you’ll look back on fondly.

You may feel like you’re living a life that doesn’t align with your core, with the truest expression of yourself, or (more importantly) who you actually want to be.

And here’s a crazy question:

Would you even be able to recognize that true-to-you life if it was standing in front you?

I certainly couldn’t.

For years I studied the “right” thing, so I could get the “right” job, making the “right” kind of impact and helping the “right” kind of people. After all, they needed me, right?

Often times the "right" thing was draining, morally ambiguous, and from the outside, exactly where I should have wanted to be.

While I wouldn’t change my story for the world (I wouldn’t be here without it!), it turns out the more traditional right things were, in the end, very much the wrong things.

They were the things that sent me home from work at the end of the day and straight to my couch. I just about lived on that couch, wrapped in the same old blanket, pounding ice cream, and watching Netflix. Simply put, I was numbed out.

Come the next morning? Lather, rinse, repeat. My body was screaming at me, pleading with me, “Andraya, get your sh*t together!” Yet, I completely ignored her.

And do you want to know the worst part? All that numbing left me numb to the people I loved most in all the world:  My family and friends. My partner. The small, precious hearts of my nieces and nephews (There is little that gives me greater joy than being Aunt Andraya to these babes!).

Today, I feel free. (A little cheesy? Good. I’ll own it.)

I’m living my life, taking in actual experiences rather than mere blurs. My days are made up of opportunities to create. And I now have the energy to connect with and be encouraged by those that surround me.

Imagine experiencing your days as they come, taking them in piece by piece rather than hoping for time to fly so you can go home and power down.

That life is available to you - I believe it with every bit of my soul.

And what else do I believe?

I believe there’s strength in vulnerability, even when it scares the shit out of us (especially when it scares the shit out of us), and that a step into vulnerability is actually a step into courage.

I believe you’re stronger than you think you are. Look at all you’ve “stepped into” -- and through! -- already.

I believe in creating a safe space for that small, quiet voice inside you who desperately wants to be heard. The one your fears and perfectionism try to shush, but if you listen, you’ll recognize her. Hint: She sounds a lot like “It’s okay. You’re enough. WE ARE enough.”

I believe there is always room for compassion, directed toward both yourself and others. Compassion is something I’ll offer you in spades and soon you’ll be offering it toward yourself.

And perhaps most importantly, I believe in to listening to and acknowledging your body.

I believe our bodies speak are speaking to us daily and I’ll show you how to listen to your body from a place of gentleness and understanding, rather than the place of doubt and mistrust you’re probably used to.

And when we listen? That’s when the magic happens. We can develop a flow of working with our bodies, not against them, both in the day-to-day and in the long run.

“And I said to my body, softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ It took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’” - Nayyirah Waheed


In all of the frustration, all of the overwhelm of daily life, being able to pause for a moment. You pause and ask your body, “What do you need? What do you need, right now, in order to feel good?”.

Sound a little foreign? That’s okay!

Your body has it's own unique voice that you’ll learn to tune into and appreciate. Heads up: This can feel like your own little bit of magic.

And what specifically do I bring to the table?

I bring compassion, patience, and curiosity. I bring insight from my own personal growth, my degree in social work, and 7 years as a professional in the social work field. I’m also in the last stages of completing my training as a Courageous Living Life Coach and have spent numerous hours over the past year building relationships and working with individuals just like you.

Now picture this:

Instead of the life you have now, a life where you do all the “right” things, but are exhausted, numbed, and overwhelmed, I’d like to you imagine a different life.

Imagine life where:

+ Your next “right” step is the right step for you (even if it’s not what your partner, parents, friends, or society expects of you).

+ Your passions aren’t things you label as “silly” and then brush under the carpet. Instead, they are things that excite you, challenge you, and that you pursue with drive and focus.

+ Your “numb switch” has been deactivated and it’s okay to feel things. Because it’s safe to feel things.

+You enjoy being surrounded the people you love and can ALSO appreciate time to yourself to recharge. (We aren’t robots. People need down time!)

+ You don’t have to be overwhelmed or miserable to be enough. You are enough simply because You. Are. Enough. You don’t need to "hustle for your self worth".

What you can have, though, is a life that, when scary does happen, you realize that it’s a doable scary.

It’s NOT the kind of scary you have to shove into a closet and vow to never again open. (If only there were enough closets!)

It IS the kind of scary that you can approach and shine a light on. You can choose to lean into it from a place courage, because you know you’re more than capable of handling it.

Because you ARE capable. You ARE worth it.

You are worth letting those walls down. You are so worthy of being seen.