Hey there!

I'm Andraya. I'm a Life Coach + Photographer.

Whether you are thinking about how you would like to exist in photos or how you would like to exist in your own life through coaching - who you are right now is worthy. 

I know what it's like to live a life guided by the perceptions and expectations of others and I know what else becomes possible for you to shift from tirelessly doing "right" by others to doing right by you. After years of taking the next "right" step, next "right" job, next "right" everything - I  have come to know first hand and appreciate the power of walking through that with someone else and it is my desire to co-create that opportunity with you, for you.

This draw to create a space for people to grow, love, and embrace who they are now in their journey to who they are becoming, fosters deeply into my love of connecting with people through the lens. The opportunity to hear and see someone for who they are and create an experience where they can embody more of what makes them feel powerful and enough, in turn co-creating images that leave you feeling reconnected to yourself is not only an honor, but a joy.

You're waiting for perfect, but you're already enough.