I loved working with Andraya! She's so creative and personable and she made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I loved the images she produced and I know I'll be calling her if I need any future work done! - Summer

Andraya's a lovely person and spending time with her is always a pleasure. She's willing to hear new ideas and implements them into the session. Working with her is a blast and sessions are never dull. - Rachel H.

Andraya stayed for 30+ hrs. She was there every step of the way and got some amazing pictures! She perfectly captured the moments of the birth. -Mandy P.

 Andraya made me feel comfortable in front of a camera, and she was very good at listening to what I wanted and accommodating me. I really loved this shoot, and I will definitely look to working with her in the future. -Danielle H.


Andraya’s style of coaching is a balance of strong support, powerful questions, deep compassion and an enthusiasm that is infectious! She has helped me to process my emotions, face my challenges and identify steps to move forward in a way that feels manageable and authentic. - Tamara B.

Working with Andraya has been absolutely amazing. Prior to our time together I felt lost and exhausted, and after just a few sessions I feel like I have gained so much clarity and energy. Her approach is gentle, her spirit is fiery, and her guidance is a breath of fresh air! Through working with her I have been able to make significant changes in my life regarding an issue that I once though would never get any better. I couldn’t be more grateful to have her as my coach! - Afroditi P.

Andraya is an amazing coach. She has the perfect balance of a caring, tender compassion and a laugh-out-loud, ballsy spirit. She was able to walk with me through some sticky situations and emotions, allowing me to process my feelings and arrive at a lot of clarity. It’s like chatting with a really good friend, but better. A friend who is 100% in your corner, and knows just how to help you help yourself, tune into your body, and get yourself not only unstuck, but further than you had hoped was possible! - Stephanie C.

I have always enjoyed my sessions with Andraya, because she makes me feel supported in our space together. She actively listens and reflects what I’m saying back on me to help facilitate growth. Andraya also has a way of tapping into my body and what I’m really feeling that I often overlook and using that to help me identify how I truly feel. Her skills in pointing out and celebrating my strengths to capitalize on them and move forward towards my goals are invaluable. I highly recommend Andraya as a life coach to anyone who feels a strong emotion and wants to explore that. - Jackie V.