My personal teacher, mentor, friend, and all around rad human being, Kate Courageou just released (May 1, 2018!) a book called "The Courage Habit"!

What if you released the idea of having to be fearless to live more of the life you desire?

In The Courage Habit, Kate offers up a process of 4 powerful components that will allow you to see and acknowledge your fears and your routines, and to still choose to step into courage. 

The Courage habit is about much more than a little "courage daydreaming", as you are guided right into the process and able to face and journey through areas in your own life you would like to live (a whole heck of a lot) more courageously! 

Check it out here on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Courage-Habit-Accept-Release-Courageous/dp/1626259879/


I've been glued to it since I picked it up and am looking forward to connecting with readers in central Iowa. Thinking you, me, coffee/drinks, and a whole lot of courageous conversation and fun!

 Head here to find out if any Courage Habit events are happening in your area!