Working with Andraya

As your coach, my intention is to create a space with you to navigate where you are feeling stuck, tension or out of alignment. To guide and explore alongside you as you step into and unpack resistance, fears, and potential limiting beliefs. Change can be difficult, but I am deeply committed to you and your journey in this process - to guide, ask you questions that will keep you digging deeper, celebrate you (in the big and the small!), lovingly challenge and to hear you. This relationship is nothing, if it is not equal.

Complimentary Introductory Session (45 minutes)

To begin a coaching relationship, is to begin a commitment to one's self. A commitment that you are absolutely worth! However, it is natural to want to make sure that who you are creating this space with is a good fit. I'd like to invite you to schedule an introductory coaching session to see if this is the right fit for you. Together on our call we will talk about shifts you'd like to see in your life and explore areas you'd like to focus some time and energy on. If you're interested in seeing what coaching together might look like - let's connect!